The best smart Wi-Fi router for home

The best smart Wi-Fi router for home is a device that can provide the internet connection to your home and also run all the devices in your house.

With the introduction of technology such as Wi-Fi and the steadily rising demands on data usage at home, there is an increasing need to find the best Wi-Fi router. The market is filled with intelligent routers that can provide a high range of internet speeds and are easy to connect to any Wi-Fi-enabled device.
The best smart Wi-Fi router for home is a topic that everyone wants to know about. The internet is growing every day and so are the demands for faster speeds, more bandwidth, and better coverage. We should not think of these smart Wi-Fi routers as a replacement for human Wi-Fi router operators. They assist human Wi-Fi router operators by getting rid of their time-consuming tasks and focusing on what they are good at - technical knowledge. Smart Wi-Fi routers can be programmed to work in a very similar way as human routers. This allows them to handle both the same features and also improve their performance because they are better trained to know their user's needs and desires. There is no doubt that these smart wi-fi routers will be ever more important shortly as Wi-Fi becomes more popular due to its increased use at home and business places.

The best smart Wi-Fi router for home

1, What is a Wi-Fi router?

A wifi router is a device that allows you to share your Internet connection with your tablet, TV, smartphone, and other wifi devices in your home through wifi waves. From there, allowing these devices to access the Internet serves the needs of reading newspapers, watching movies, playing games, and daily online work needs.

2, Structure, working principle, and function of the Wi-Fi router.


Each type of wifi router will have a different design to appeal to the tastes of users. However, regardless of the brand or model, the router has the following general structure:
WAN port: The main task of the WAN port is to form a network layer and provide IP ranges for devices. Most routers will have 1 WAN port and are usually yellow or green for easy identification.
LAN port: Usually routers will have 02 or more LAN ports. Users can connect wifi to the main Modem and network-using devices such as laptops, televisions, etc. via network cable. Depending on the type, the speed from the LAN port is also different, meeting the maximum transmission speed and user needs.
Antennas: There are 2 types of antennas on the Router: external antennas and underground antennas. The higher the number of antennas, the higher the wifi broadcasting speed.
In addition to the three main parts above, the internal structure of the wifi router will include RAM, CPU, IC receiver and decoder, touch transformer, etc.

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If the router wants to broadcast wifi, you need to connect the router to the modem via RJ45 cable (LAN wire). This modem will be connected to the service line of Internet service providers.
The network cable connects from the LAN port on the main modem through the WAN or LAN ports to connect the modem and wifi router. Most devices in the network have a separate IP, helping to route and transmit signals in the most accurate Internet environment.
The router's data transmission time is very short and certainly will not interrupt the transmission or disconnect when using Internet services. The router is responsible for packets (packets) between 2 or more network systems together. It is a wifi hotspot so that electronic devices such as phones, tablets, and TVs can connect via wifi waves.


The router has the function of sending network data packets between 2 or more networks, from one to many final destinations from the router. Or to put it more simply, the router can both connect wifi to phones and tablets and connect to a wired network with computers, laptops, and TVs.
Thanks to this function of the Router, the network connection is distributed more evenly to all devices using the Internet in the same area.

3, Types of Wi-Fi routers

Wired router (Wired router)

The router is wired through a cable to connect directly to the computer. To receive Internet data packets, one port of the router connects to the modem, and to deliver Internet data packets, there must be another port connected to the computer.
In the process of transferring data packets in the network, the wired router uses a firewall (SPI) for security purposes.

Wireless router (Wireless Router)

The wireless router uses a cable to connect directly to the modem and receive Internet data packets. Wireless routers use one or more antennas to deliver data instead of transmitting data over a cable to a computer.

Virtual router (Virtual Router)

Unlike wired and wireless routers, virtual routers act as the default router for computers sharing the same network.
They use virtual router redundancy protocol (VRRP) to work, this protocol will be activated when the main router has a failure, is damaged, or is disabled.

Core router and Edgerouter

Core routers are known as wired or wireless routers, they just distribute internet data in the same network.
Edgerouter is also a wired or wireless router, but instead of distributing data on the same network, it distributes data between one or more different networks.

4, The best smart Wi-Fi router for home

NETGEAR Nighthawk 6-Stream AX5400 WiFi 6 Router (RAX50)

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It's time to get those Wi-Fi signals out of your house! The NETGEAR Nighthawk 6-Stream AX5400 WiFi 6 Router (RAX50) is a powerful and reliable wireless router that gives you the ultimate Wi-Fi experience. It features fast dual-band 600MHz & 2500MHz wireless networks, intelligent security, and support for up to 6 simultaneous users simultaneously, which means you can have a mobile high-speed Internet connection at home. Plus, it delivers incredible throughput of up to 5.4Gbps thanks to dual 5GHz bands with MU-MIMO technology and a dual antenna solution allowing up to 2x better throughput when compared to single band 802.11n routers. And it's a flexible, plug & play setup that's easy for you to install and use means it will never require further hardware upgrades or technical support. Throw in the outstanding Boost button that can boost your WiFi signal from the network up to 30dB more than standard speeds.

TP-Link AX1800 WiFi 6 Router (Archer AX21) – Dual Band Wireless Internet Router

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The AX1800 Wi-Fi router from TP-Link is the first router with support for Alexa on the TP-LINK home network. With a simple voice command, Alexa will ask you what's up and what's going on in your home using the AX1800. Alexa can also help answer your questions about things you've done around the house and can even do some light housework if needed. It's also great for remote access to any device, including your smart devices, as it supports up to 6 devices. AX1800 router also supports 4G LTE coverage, so you can keep your device on the Wi-Fi network while traveling and still get 4G LTE coverage. It's also compatible with the latest security features like built-in VPN and WPA2 encryption, which helps secure your home network and make sure no one gets in. If you want a little more customization, AX1800 comes in a 3G Keypad model that lets you turn Alexa on or off by voice.

Tenda AC2100 Smart WiFi Router AC19

best smart Wi-Fi router

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The new AC1900 router from Tenda has a powerful 1,900-MHz (2.4 GHz) dual-band, Wi-Fi band, covering the entire United States. The AC1900 router also gives you 4x Gigabit LAN ports and 4x USB ports for all the devices you have. It also comes with parental control so you can control your children's internet activities without their knowledge. By default, the router comes with a security key to let you monitor all activity on the network while they are using it. The router has a long-range, up to 600 feet, so you can move it to another part of your home. This router is also available in different configurations too such as dual-band or single-band. You can even calibrate the router's settings for better performance. The AC1900 router from Tenda also comes with a Manufacturer's Warranty on the device and if it malfunctions then they will replace it for you at no cost.

5. Conclusion

Thus, readers have partly answered the question of what a Wi-Fi Router is, its structure, principles, and benefits when using a Wi-Fi Router. From there, it is possible to make accurate decisions to choose the most suitable router product line to save money and time to learn.

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