How to choose the best Air Purifiers?

Air purifiers are one of the most important factors for healthy living. They should be among the best that you can get on your home.

Air purifiers are not a new invention. They have been around for many years now but the problem is that there are so many on the market, it is often difficult to figure out which one to buy.

The first thing you need to consider before buying an air purifier is your budget because prices range from about $100 to $1,000 for a single unit of an air purifier. It's better if you can get a good one on a lower budget rather than going for the expensive ones. You will also need to think about how much space you have in your home as each purifier only has specific coverage ranges that they can cover and it's important that you know what these are before buying one.

In my opinion, a good air purifier needs to be healthy and effective at providing clean air without having any major negative effects on those in the room or home where it is placed.

How to choose the best Air Purifiers

1. Structure of the best Air Purifier

Although there may be different designs and exterior designs, in general, the air purifier is composed of 3 main parts: the engine and the propeller, the filter system, and the housing.

  • Engine and propeller: The engine and propeller are the parts that determine the capacity and ability of the machine to filter the air. While the fan is responsible for drawing air from the environment into the machine so that the filter performs air filtration, then performs the function of bringing clean air out in another direction, the engine determines the level of suction. filter (capacity of the machine)
  • Air filter system: The air filter is an important part that determines the ability of the machine to clean polluted air. The most common air filters today are HEPA filters, activated carbon filters, etc. Contaminated air after passing through these filters will retain mold, bacteria, dirt, etc., returning no air. Clean air for your space.
  • The case: The case is usually made of high-quality plastic whose main effect is to protect the internal parts of the device from impact.

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2. Working principle of air purifier

Providing optimal air filtration efficiency, the air purifier operates according to a very simple mechanism. When you start the machine, the fan will draw air from the outside environment into the machine and push the air through the filter. Clean air will then go out of the machine through another door, while dirt and bacteria are retained in the filter. This is the reason we need to clean the filter regularly after 3-6 months of use.

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3. Some auxiliary functions of the air purifier

In addition to the air filtration function, some purifiers are also equipped with modern auxiliary features

  • Ion generating function: Some air purifiers when operating will produce negative ions and disperse these ions into the air. Thanks to the ability to neutralize positive ions, these negative ions will kill certain types of bacteria and deodorize. Odors and mold in your room will be greatly reduced.
  • Humidifying or dehumidifying function: Thanks to the built-in humidifier on some high-end purifiers, the air purifier can add a certain level of humidity to your air.
  • Mosquito-catching function: With the characteristic black powder coating color, along with the mosquito net, the air purifier also has the task of attracting and killing mosquitoes quickly and effectively.

4. Filters, filter technology of typical air purifiers

  • HEPA filter

A HEPA filter is a filter that captures microscopic particles, including most dust, dander, pollen, mold, and other common allergens in the home. The filter has an extremely small fiber diameter of only 0.5 - 2 micrometers, so it easily captures microscopic dirt particles.

  • EPA Filter

The EPA filter is a filter that traps microscopic dust particles and allergens similar to HEPA, but the filtration efficiency is only up to 99.5%. In addition, the standard EPA filter is also capable of filtering PM 2.5 fine dust.

  • HAZE filter technology

HAZE filter technology has the effect of increasing the air filtration rate of the machine. This technology will help the machine automatically operate the fan at high speed for the first 60 minutes. After that, the machine will automatically switch to alternate operation between high and low speeds within 20 minutes.

  • Ion Technology

Ion technology works on the principle of creating negatively charged ions. These ions will help thoroughly destroy polluting dust particles, allergens as well as harmful mold bacteria, bringing fresh air to your living space.

  • UV technology

According to studies, ultraviolet rays have the ability to change the DNA structure of bacteria, making them lose their ability to reproduce and gradually die. Therefore, UV technology allows effective sterilization and destroys disease-causing organisms such as insects, and mosquitoes,...

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  • Activated carbon filter

For the purpose of overcoming the disadvantages of HEPA and EPA filters, the air purifier is also equipped with an activated carbon filter to effectively remove odors. In addition, the activated carbon filter also has a detoxifying function, helping to keep the air fresh and safe for health.

  • Plasmacluster ion technology (Sharp)

Plasmacluster ion technology is an exclusive air purification technology from the Sharp brand and is certified by the Ishikawa Medical Association. Based on the principle of action of ions, it has the ability to kill bacteria, viruses, molds, and odor-causing agents effectively.

  • Streamer Technology (Daikin)

Streamer technology is a Daikin air purifier's exclusive technology that works on the principle of a plasma discharge to create high-speed electron streams. This technology helps to remove allergens such as mold, pollen, and harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde.

5. Tips for choosing the best Air Purifier

Choosing the best air purifier can be a daunting task. There are many options and factors to consider, like room size, noise level, and air quality. Here are some tips on how to choose the best air purifier for your needs:

Best Air Purifier price

Even if your financial condition is good, the price is still the most important part because in our opinion "a smart consumer will buy a product that is suitable for the price". To be able to buy products according to this criterion, we have 3 suggestions for you, which are:
Choose a reputable, cheap company; In this criterion, there will be 3 most popular air purifier lines: Levoit Air Purifier, Winix Air Purifier with True HEPA, and Germ Guardian Air Purifier.

Criteria for choosing an air purifier by room area

Depending on the area to be filtered, we choose the right device to limit problems such as: not meeting the need for air filtration in a room that is too large or wasteful for a small room. Some suggestions for choosing according to the size of the room you can refer to are as follows:
Room 15m2 can choose equipment capacity ~160m3/h
Room 15-20m2 choose capacity ~180m3/h
Room 20-30m2 choose capacity ~ 240m3/h
Room from 30m2 choose capacity type ~510m3/h

Determine user needs

The first issue to consider is what is the need and purpose of using an air purifier. You need answers to the following questions:
Use an air purifier for home or office, factory, shop...
Estimate how many people in your environment need to use the device.
What are the characteristics of the equipment area: densely populated or not? Is the climate hot or humid?
Does the place of use have special audiences (elderly, young children, pregnant women)?
Determining the specific needs of users, you will partly imagine what the capacity and features of the air purifier are to choose the most suitable type. Like if you want to install an air purifier for a large factory area, with a lot of dust, you can't choose a small capacity to use it right.

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Determine the function of the necessary air purifier with the need

The needs of users are increasing day by day, air purifiers are also constantly upgrading product lines to meet that demand. However, it is not always good to choose a type with full functions, but it should be based on the current state of demand to avoid waste. In addition to the feature of cleaning the air from dust and dirt, consider the factors surrounding the air purifier that need to have a function that needs to be met such as:

Features remove harmful bacteria, mold

Features moisture balance, and moisture compensation to avoid dry skin
The feature of deodorizing tobacco or deodorizing food in the kitchen
Mosquito killing feature
Power saving feature
Features remote control or timer,…


The warranties of air purifiers are basically the same. Therefore, the companies that have more warranty stations help the warranty process when there are problems to be conducted faster. This makes it easier to use the filter.


We hope that the above useful information will help you make a better choice about a good air purifier to suit your needs. Come to Amazon to choose the best air purifier for yourself and get many great deals!

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