What benefits of using a smart door lock for your home?

The smart lock can be used to open and close the door of a building, a car, or a home. It can also be used to lock and unlock the door of an app, website, or any other electronic device.

Smart door locks are the future of home security. These door locks use a variety of different technologies such as facial recognition, voice recognition, and fingerprint sensors that detect intruders. The smart door lock has a variety of uses ranging from protecting your house to making sure you don't forget your keys when you leave your house. A smart keypad would be an excellent way to protect your home while you are away on vacation or just sleeping.
The Smart Lock can be unlocked by the owner or a personal assistant. The assistant can unlock the door remotely, when necessary. It also notifies users about lock-out conditions and any other important notifications that it receives from the Internet of Things.
This type of technology is going to become more and more common. In fact, there are already smart door locks on the market that work with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. One thing is for sure this new technology will change how we use our doors in the future!

What benefits of using a smart door lock for your home?

1. Features of smart door lock

Fingerprint door opening feature

Fingerprint unlocking is probably one of the most convenient features of smart door locks today. To be able to open the door with a fingerprint, these locks all share an indispensable design that is an optical window that scans and stores the user's fingerprint.
Each person has only 1 unique fingerprint. Therefore, this is also the safest security feature for the door lock of your apartment, house, or villa.

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Door unlock feature with magnetic card

Unlocking the door with a magnetic card means that these smart door locks will be integrated with a card reader, sensor, and magnetic card recognition like a real magnetic lock. Then, instead of using the key to enter the lock, you just need to carry a magnetic card that has been entered with a code, formatted in the management system, lightly touching the lock to be able to enter and exit easily but the security is extremely high.

Remote control smart door lock open by phone, app

Smart door locks opened by phone are also very popular and popular in the market. The simplest design of the door locks with this feature integrated is the opening and closing of the door by phone via Bluetooth connection, and in the extended features, these door locks will be connected to the module. wifi helps users to remotely control smart door locks even when not at home.

Smart door lock opens by code

If cheap magnetic door locks also integrated unlocking with codes, so is this smart lock line. With the smart door lock feature with this code, when you have to go out the door will automatically close, so even if you forget to lock the door, it is still very safe, not only that when you need to open the door, you just need to open the door. need to enter the code according to the pre-set password to open the door, don't worry if you forget the lock and can't enter the house.

Smart door lock with face-opening camera.

Face recognition to unlock is one of the high-end security methods commonly found on high-end smartphones of iPhones or Samsung. However, if you own high-end smart locks like Kitos Infinity 3D Face or Kaadas Lamborghini 3D Face, you can also use them right on your door locks. These are the two most advanced locks on the market, you just need to install your face recognition on the lock and when standing 1.5 meters away from the lock, the device can identify and turn on the door latch quickly. You can be ready to open the door without further action.

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2. The benefits of smart door lock

The obsession with losing keys

Using Smart Door Lock for Family The first benefit is to remove the worry of losing the key, and not finding the key. Because You can drop or lose your keys anytime in everyday situations. Bewilderment and torment are emotions everyone has experienced when falling into this situation.
In addition to the fact that you cannot enter or leave the house without locking the door, you also need to consider changing the locks for the safety of your home and yourself! because you can't be sure who has your keys or worse, that person has bad intentions! You only need to change or disable the old password with a smart door lock.

Forgot your keys at work

Just like the case above, forgetting the key is the most common and gives you bad jokes. when you come home and can't get in and it's terrible if your place of work is nearly ten kilometers away! Waiting for your colleague's help is your only solution.
But with a smart door lock, you are in full control of the situation! Because biometrics is always a way of identification with high security and natural convenience, does not require any other auxiliary devices. So is the benefit of using a Smart Door Lock for the Family to solve this "problem"?

The key is easy to fake or copy

One of the weaknesses of the traditional mechanical lock lies in the key itself and the key core structure! Most of the traditional door locks on the market today are equipped with keys that are easily copied by any locksmith.
So this is really a concern when in life sometimes you have to give the key to someone else to keep, and you can't be sure if the key has been copied or not. Consider using a key with a complex key core structure, or better yet, no key at all! Currently, the smart door lock has the ability to unlock fingerprints and is also equipped with a high-end key core, giving you the highest level of security. And from the above outstanding features, you can confidently replace the Smart Door Lock for your family right away.

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The house has many members

Usually, a traditional door lock will be accompanied by 3 keys, but it will be a dilemma when the family has many members or you use it for office purposes, it is really inadequate when you have to go make extra keys yourself!
If you are in such a situation, think about upgrading to a smart electronic lock that can generate multiple passwords or store multiple fingerprints. This will help you not only preserve the integrity of the lock but also save money in the long run!

Hire a maid by the hour

Daily work at the office makes the lives of families busy, making the demand for housekeepers to clean the house increase. At this time, it is very reasonable to find someone to help with housework from relatives or to find an hourly maid.
However, a problem that arises is that getting in and out of your apartment when you are not at home causes certain difficulties. But don't worry, this problem will be solved quickly because now smart door lock has a solution that allows you to create a temporary virtual password at a certain time.

Supervision of children

The feature of notifying who has opened the door or the ability to save login history is one of the features that I think is very worthwhile to upgrade the smart door lock!
This feature acts as a virtual assistant that announces the time your children go in and out of the door, helping you better manage and not have to worry about whether your child has come home safely or not after school.

Smart home device link

The smart home is the main hot development trend in recent years. A smart lock is considered an essential part of the smart home ecosystem because it does the most important task of protecting the home.
It is a huge omission if not to mention the ability to connect to smart home products such as smart sensors such as door opening and closing sensors, motion sensors, and smart light bulbs,…
You can easily set up complete automation of your home with the action combos you pre-set when you open the door to walk in or when you close the door to go to work.

Make the room luxurious

And the end of using Smart Door Lock for Family not only helps to protect the absolute safety of your home, but the interior of the house also becomes different from other houses thanks to its luxurious design. Attention to detail, delicate.
There will be no more cumbersome traditional locks and no sense of security. A fingerprint lock installed in harmony, easy to see, and simple with the opening and closing parts will make you satisfied.

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3. Conclusion

Above, Smart Home Review has listed almost all the benefits of using and installing a Smart Door Lock for your family. If you find this article interesting and useful, you can rate it below to support Smart Home Review and share it with everyone!

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